Treating Your Cancer : Technology

Leading-Edge Technology

Varian Triology The Department of Radiation Oncology has two of the most advanced Varian accelerator with On Board Imaging (OBI) and RapidArc capabilities. Our department at UM/Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center implemented IMRT in 1999 and was among one of the few pioneering cancer centers using this technology.

As part of external beam radiation therapy for the treatment of prostate cancer, the Department now offers a way to monitor the tumor location during treatment. The Calypso® 4D Localization System also referred to as GPS for the Body® enables physicians to focus on the delivery of radiation to the tumor while minimizing damage to the healthy surrounding tissues.

The Department has a comprehensive brachytherapy program with high dose rate (HDR) and low dose rate (LDR) technologies. The HDR procedures, which use the most advanced remote after-loading system by Nucletron, are applied for cancer treatments of breast, lung, GYN, head & neck, bileducts and sarcoma. LDR brachytherapy includes prostate seed implant with a real-time ultrasound-guided robotic seeding system (SeedSelectron, Nucletron), Cs-137 implants for GYN tumors, Iodine-125 eye plaques for ocular tumors, and Therasphere radiation-embolization for liver tumors.

Prostate Seed Implant HDR Remote After-loader

Image-guidance is an essential component in modern radiation therapy. The Department is equipped with a 40-slice Siemens CT simulator, capable of 4D CT acquisition, essential for accurate indentification of tumors that move with respiratory motion. A PET-CT scanner is also available at the Department, Multi-modality image registration including 4DCT, MRI, with dynamic contract enhancement and PET are routinely applied in our practice.

Siemens CT PET CT