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Eye Cancer

Radiation can be used to successfully treat a variety of eye cancers and benign eye problems as well as cancers that occur outside of the eye but within the bony orbit. The cancers that can be treated with radiation include melanomas of the eye, retinoblastoma in children, spread of another cancer into the eye (uveal metastasis) or orbit, lymphomas of the conjunctiva, orbit or primary intraocular lymphoma (PIOL), sarcomas of the orbit, squamous cell carcinoma and other cancers of the eyelid and lacrimal gland (tear gland) and lacrimal duct cancers.

Benign conditions that can be treated by radiation include pseudotumor (benign lymphoid infiltrate), thyroid eye disease (Graves’ disease), meningiomas, and hemangiomas (proliferation of blood vessels).

Our department has a very close working relationship with Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, and several of our physicians have consulting privileges at the eye hospital. We actively participate in a program to treat eye melanomas by brachytherapy (radioactive eyeplaque treatments) at the eye hospital.

Arnold Markoe, M.D., is the radiation oncologist primarily responsible for treating the eye with radiation. His experience spans more than 35 years. Dr. Markoe is an internationally recognized expert in the treatment of eye tumors and has authored many publications, including textbook chapters, in this field.

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