Radiation Oncology Residency : Facilities and Technology

Facilities and Technology

Jackson Memorial Hospital

  • Community-based hospital that is located on the University of Miami Hospitals and Clinics campus close by to downtown Miami.
  • Treat outpatient and inpatient.
  • Brachytherapy Suite (primarily used for HDR gynecologic oncology cases) and operating rooms.
  • CT Simulator located in the department.
  • 2 LINAC’s.

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

  • Main Site on the University of Miami Hospitals and Clinics Campus.
  • Unsealed sources (Y-90, Iodine-131).
  • Brachytherapy Suite (used for HDR gynecologic oncology cases and LDR prostate brachytherapy) and operating rooms.
  • CT simulator: Exclusively used by the radiation oncology department.
  • 2 LINAC’s.
  • ViewRay: MRIdian treatment system integrates real-time MR imaging during radiation treatment from 3 Cobalt-60 sources on a rotating gantry. 4th center in U.S. with this machine.
  • Interstitial Eye Plaques (Bascom Palmer Eye Institute).

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center West

  • Located across the street from SCCC Main on the Miami Hospitals and Clinics Campus.
  • Treat outpatient and inpatient.
  • CT simulator: In the radiation oncology department.
  • Gamma Knife (Perfexion)
  • 1 LINAC.

Sylvester at Deerfield Beach

  • Located approximately 40 miles north of the main campus.
  • Shuttle services available. Average 1-2 days a week at this site during approximately 3 rotations (6 months).
  • Outpatient clinics for Radiation Oncology, Oncology, Surgical Oncology, ENT specialists located in one location at this satellite facility.
  • CT simulator.
  • 2 LINAC’s (TrueBeam).
  • Unsealed sources (Radium 223).

The Lennar Foundation Medical Center

  • Satellite facility for Sylvester Cancer Center opened early 2017 supports Radiation Oncology, Oncology and Surgical Oncology clinics.
  • Located approximately 10 miles south of Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center in Coral Gables (connected directly by Metrorail stops).
  • CT Simulator in the radiation oncology department.
  • LINAC (TrueBeam).