Meet Our Care Team : Dosimetrists

Our Dosimetrists

Our dosimetrists are integral members of the Sylvester Radiation Oncology Care team. These highly skilled professionals, whose educational background includes coursework in such fields as physics, biology, mathematics, and computer science, collaborate with the department’s radiation oncologists and physicists to calculate the precise radiation dosage needed to treat cancer. Dosimetrists are licensed by the State of Florida in the specialty area of radiation therapy.

Using powerful computer software and imaging equipment, the Sylvester dosimetrists generate individualized treatment plans designed to accurately target tumors. Providing the optimum dose to the targets while minimizing damage to the surrounding healthy tissue improves therapeutic outcomes and quality of life.

Amestoy William, R.T., (T)(CMD)Amestoy William, R.T., (T)(CMD)
Chief Dosimetrist

Karen Brown, B.A., R.T., (T)(CMD)Karen Brown, B.A., R.T., (T)(CMD)

John Flynn, R.T., (T)(CMD)John Flynn, R.T., (T)(CMD)

Lori Becht, R.T., (R)(T)(CMD)Lori Becht, R.T., ( R )( T )(CMD)

Melissa Duffy, B.S., (CMD)Melissa Duffy, B.S., (CMD)